Eliminator II
Iron Filtration System


  • Self-Cleaning
  • No Chemicals Required
  • Stops Iron Staining
  • Eliminates Iron Smells
  • Improves Water Taste
  • Documents
    Sales Literature
    Parts/Owner's/Service Manual

    Principles of operation:
    From the raw water supply (city or private well), water enters the inlet supply to the HP-series tank, flows thru the micronizer which injects air as an oxidizer, allowing the iron present in the water supply to precipitate and become large enough particles to be filtered by the FE-series tank. The FE-series tank has a maximum iron reduction level and must be backwashed periodically to keep the filter material clean.

    Operating Conditions:
    The Eliminator II Iron Filtration System has been tested and validated by the Water Quality Association according to the WQA S-200 Filter Standard for the reduction of iron as verified and substantiated by test data. The concentration of the indicated substances in the water entering the system was reduced to a concentration less than or equal to the permissible limit for water leaving the system as specified in NSF/ANSI 42.

    Water Analysis: Contaminants other than iron may limit the filters ability to remove the iron and. must be addressed before installing the Eliminator II.

    Iron Bacteria: Must be treated with chlorination and a carbon filter. Chlorine will damage the filter material in the FE-series Tank.

    Tannins: If present in the water supply will not allow the oxidation process to occur.

    Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): If the water test above 700 TDS please consult factory before installing the Eliminator II.

    A complete water analysis should be done before any equipment is purchased. Ask your Water Treatment Dealer, Plumbing Contractor or Capital Water Softener, Inc.

    For questions, information, service or parts also contact the installing Water Treatment Dealer, Plumbing Contractor or Capital Water Softener, Inc.

    For installation conditions and needs refer to the Installation and Operation Manual.

    Eliminator II Specifications
    Model Rated Service
    Flow (gpm)
    psi Drop @
    Service Flow
    Backwash Flow
    Rate (gpm)
    Min. - Max.
    Pressure (psi)
    Min. - Max.
    Temp. (degrees)
    HPFE-10 6.5 3 5.3 20-70 35-110 475 3990 129
    HPFE-13 9.3 4 9.0 20-70 35-110 800 6370 189
    HPFE-14 12.5 6 10.0 20-70 35-110 920 7210 222
    HPFE-16 16.0 9 12.0 20-70 35-110 1200 9310 265

    Model A B C D
    HPFE-10 27" 59" 12" 68"
    HPFE-13 27" 59" 15" 68"
    HPFE-14 27" 59" 16" 79"
    HPFE-16 27" 59" 18" 79"

    Floor Space
    Model Width Depth Height
    HPFE-10 43" 20" 68"
    HPFE-13 46" 20" 68"
    HPFE-14 47" 20" 79"
    HPFE-16 48" 20" 79"

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