Model FL OnLine Parts Ordering System

Welcome to our state-of-the-art OnLine Parts Ordering System. The major components of your Model FL Water Conditioner are listed below. Selecting from the list will launch a new window which looks like the one to the right. (Loading the drawing may take a minute or two). If a pop-up box appears asking you to download & install the ArNoNa CADviewer, click "NO." If a pop-up box appears asking you to "Grant Permission," click "Grant."

The LEFT pane will contain a Viewer Window with the appropriate drawing loaded. Using the control buttons above the viewer, you will be able to "zoom" & "pan" within the drawing to see whatever details you wish. This will help you to identify the parts you wish to order. It is also useful to help you re-assemble the components properly.

The RIGHT pane will contain a corresponding Parts Order Form, with check-boxes for the parts you want to order. Please make sure to fill the form out accurately and completely. When finished, follow the instructions at the bottom of the form.

After selecting an item from the list below, you can return to this page and select more items. Then, in the viewer window, you can use your browser's "Forward" & "Back" buttons to switch between the various assemblies you selected. To begin, select a component from the following list:

OnLine Parts Ordering System window example
1 Choose the item you wish to view:
2 Click button to launch Viewer & Order Form: